WHO WE ARE – Our team is made up of a funky bunch of individuals with the professional knowledge it takes to turn all of your green screen dreams into a reality. We’ve built our team on the basis of talent, professionalism, humor, fun-lovingness, and most importantly–an eagerness to delight our clients. We’re a tight knit bunch, and that only makes us better able to provide our customers with the best possible experiences.

What’s the best part about our team?—We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty! We’re always ready to jump in and help guests create poses for background situations, suggest funny props, and brighten up your guests’ experience however we can.

Our passion for creativity, technical accuracy, and stern attitude for professionalism make for awesome shots and incredible experiences. How we ended up with such an incredible team is beyond us! You’ll never catch us NOT having a blast together, and that’s exactly the kind of excitement we want to bring to every event we’re a part of.


We understand the importance of your event

and we want it to be a huge hit. That’s why our team is built around a never-fail mentality. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure things run smoothly on our end–like bringing back up systems upon back up systems to ensure there are no glitches to ruin your plans.

We value your experience

Our goal for every event is to provide stellar customer service and to make sure everyone involved has a blast. Our team always arrives with a positive attitude, tons of energy “Thanks Red Bull”, and ready to create an enjoyable experience for you and each of your guests.

We mean business

While we value fun and bring that energy to your party, we take what we do seriously. When we commit to an event, you can count on our trained team to be there and see it through because we want to be sure that your expectations are being met.

We know that quality matters

and the quality of your videos and pictures is directly tied into the technology we use to capture them. That’s why we use up-to-date technology and equipment. We’re always looking for what’s newer and better so that we can improve our customers’ experience even more.


GSP was awesome! They fulfilled every request and were prompt to deliver product – including on-site printing! I had over 320 guests, each guest took a picture with the bride


Had an amazing time with Chris at the photo screen. My guests absolutely loved it!!

-Kelly, Bride